Digital broadcasting for community and local radio

Small-scale digital broadcast radio is coming to the UK. For the first time hundreds of existing and new, community and commercial, radio services will be able to broadcast digitally using high quality DAB+.

Opendab exists to provide, in partnership, the essential know-how and can plan the application process and necessary transmission infrastructure to make small scale DAB radio work for communities around the UK.   

Together, we can be the licensed broadcasting multiplex operator in your locality combining unmatched sector knowledge, experience and a transparent and open business approach with the vision underpinning your radio station.

Opendab is a ‘non-profit distributing’ Community Interest Company - we trade transparently, while our assets are ‘locked’ - which means that they can’t be sold to third parties. Its directors and members are established figures in UK radio with long term experience of every aspect of public service, commercial and community broadcasting.